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Did you know… more millionaires were made
during the Great Depression than
at any other time in American history?
We’re all feeling the squeeze right now, and being smart right now can change the trajectory of your finances…

Whether you want:

🏖️  Better vacations

Staycations are great, but what about that vision board family trip?

🎄 Exciting holidays

Whether you want upgraded decorations, better family photos, or to splurge on Christmas-time experiences, they all cost money!

🔥  Freedom to Decide

when and how you spend your money
(Is it a romantic date night? Family takeout? Or season tickets to your favorite arena?)

You can still thrive financially,
even if the cost of a dozen eggs is over $4.

…Without buying your own chicken.

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Join other like-minded individuals who have the goal of financial freedom to allow time and means to live their dreams and create a legacy. 


Have you heard that your finances will be about the same as your 5 closest friends? Now’s the time to uplevel your game by rubbing shoulders with other successful people. 


Join Heather for an inspiring and game-changing 5-day challenge! We will meet on Zoom daily and leave with new perspectives and tools to improve your financial future! When you take action and DO the daily exercises, your life will change! 


Stop living in denial and take charge of your financial future. Leave empowered and hopeful! This experience has the power to change your experience with money forever! Do it now!

You get all this in the Money Multiplier System for only $27!

What’s your money experience?

  • Does money feel hard to come by or easy to make?
  • When you pay your bills, do you feel a pit in your stomach or feel grateful for the services you received? 
  • Do you avoid paying bills until the last possible moment or handle them as a normal part of your routine? 
  • Does talking about finances stress you out and sometimes result in conflict or do you discuss money in peace and harmony?

Meet Faith-based Success Coach Heather Nielsen

Heather is a wife, mother of 5, and a disciple of Christ. She brings 15 years of experience as a real estate agent to her faith-based success coaching.

Her clients uplevel their success by focussing on creating better habits, goal setting and achievement, financial strategies, and other success principles. Heather is a natural cheerleader, and her clients feel her genuine care and encouragement to make lasting improvements in their lives.

Heather is a ChoosingWisdom.org team member and the founder of MyDivineJoy.com.

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